Any information about all grades of Toyota Passo Sette and other Japanese vehicles. We therefore elected to review them separately but the question that still lingers is why Toyota would give them the same name. 2019/12/04 18:38:06. 1.9 million. TOYOTA PASSO X L PACKAGE: DBA-M700A: 996cc: CVT: 5: Hatch: TOYOTA PASSO X: DBA-M700A: 996cc: CVT: 5: Hatch: TOYOTA PASSO Released in 4/2015. Toyota Passo Hatchback 2nd Generation Review. High-quality spare parts are available for a number of models such as the TOYOTA PASSO DBA-KGC30 , TOYOTA PASSO DBA-KGC10 , and TOYOTA PASSO DBA-QNC10 . Despite the vehicle’s generally long wheelbase, its wheels are so narrow that it is narrowed and has a 5.2 m turning span.

MODEL TYPE MODEL ENGINE DOOR T/M DRIVE Dimension WEIGHT MSRP Find Used Cars; 1.0X L PACKAGE KIRIRI: DBA-KGC30: 996cc: 5: CVT FF: 3650mm,1665mm,1535mm: 910kg: 1,340,182yen Malawi . These are two distinct cars that cannot be reviewed in a single article.

For many budget-conscious car buyers, the Toyota Passo is an easy choice.

I received the car but i found few dents on the right backside door and back panel from japan and a small hole in the rare bumper and a back seat adjustment knob is also missing of right side which is not good. Introduction Toyota Passo is 5-door subcompact hatchback that was first introduced in 2004.

Have an informed opinion, choose the best car for yourself. Seller has to tell me about this before. Toyota Passo and Honda Fit both are almost equally good in safety measures but Honda Fit has a slight edge over its competitor.

Toyota Passo 1000cc is priced PKR 1.2 million but it is underpowered, while the 1300cc Passo ranges between PKR 1.7 million to PKR. Our review on Toyota Passo. Its durability, great features and ease of repair part access make the Passo all the more attractive. Small cars often suffer from a feeling of sudden pitch and roll in turns and while cornering, the Passo counters that by being wider, taller, and heavier than its predecessor, the Daihatsu Storia. It brings together Daihatsu's small car development technology and Toyota's production knowledge of vehicle planning ability. Toyota Passo Review: A Practical Subcompact Vehicle. Toyota Passo Review. Average fuel consumption of Toyota Passo is about 40 Mpg. The Toyota Passo is an interesting car to review. The Toyota Passo’s fuel economy is its unique selling point. The 2004 Toyota Passo is a very fuel efficient car, offering an efficiency rating that is among the highest for non-hybrid vehicles. A new exhaust system is nearly £500, whilst an alternator is around £375. The details engine of Toyota Passo.


The most recent Toyota 2021 Paso Sette packs a few pleasant highlights on the inside, including a 7-inch widescreen screen, a rear-seat entertainment frame, an earphone-yielding DVD player, and the ability to play various media on … Latest Toyota Passo car reviews, user ratings and opinions. The Toyota Passo has been proven to be one of the most profitable cars to use in business as a taxi, especially in the northern region of Malawi, because of its fuel efficiency, cheap repairs, and low initial purchase cost. Find out what other users have to say about their Toyota Passo cars. Find used cars.

Toyota Passo is a Mini world with a lot of potential ready to be explored. Guyana . Toyota Passo Sette: Price.